Designing a top quality bathroom involves a combination of aesthetic and functional challenges. The bathroom is the area of a hotel room where the requirements of comfort, safety and style are most intransigent and definitive in regard of the guest experience. The latest trends in hotel bathroom design are moving towards greater space and freedom of movement. Architects are searching for innovative solutions that guarantee quality, safety and design flexibility in design.

ACO ShowerDrain E+

ACO ShowerDrain C

ACO ShowerDrain S

  • Top quality, electrolytically treated stainless-steel shower channels
  • Factory-fitted geotextile membrane for thin layer waterproofing
  • Seepping holes for secondary drainage
  • Wide range of stylish gratings
  • Horizontal and vertical outlet variants
  • Easy height adjustment
  • Leveling feet for simpler installation

  • Elegant slot shower channels
  • High hydraulic capacity, up to 0.8 l / s
  • Minimum installation height only 55 mm
  • Two cover variants

  • Functional stainless-steel shower channels
  • Minimum installation height only 65 mm
  • Wide selection of stylish gratings

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