The ACO Oleopator P is a rotomoulded Class I polyethylene separator for installation underground outdoors buildings, designed for treating wastewater from industrial processing or rainwater contaminated with oil and hydrocarbons.

The separator can be equipped with ACO cast iron access covers with concrete frames, not supplied, for load classes A 15, B 125 and D 400 pursuant to EN 124.

ACO Oleopator P

Main characteristics

  • Underground separator in polyethylene
  • Conforming with UNI EN 858.
  • Certificates: 7310434-01 (NG 3), 7310434-02 (NG 6), 7310434-03 (NG 8), 7310434-03 (NG 10)
  • Inlet and outlet fittings conforming with outer diameter D specified for the nominal size of the separator
  • Polyethylene inlet and outlet parts
  • With integrated and removable coalescence element
  • Automatic closure with float, float density: 0.9 g/cm3

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